An analysis of the reason why we kill people who kill people

When most people speak of Math, what they have in mind is more its mechanism than its essence. This "Math" consists of assigning meaning to a set of symbols, blindly shuffling around these symbols according to arcane rules, and then interpreting a meaning from the shuffled result.

An analysis of the reason why we kill people who kill people

Sentenced to death Truscott became the youngest person to sit on Canada's death row. His death sentence was eventually commuted to life in prison.

Throughout the years, Truscott has maintained his innocence. He claims that on June 9,he was riding his bicycle when he met Lynne Harper near the school they both attended.

She asked him for a ride to the highway because she wanted to see a man who had some ponies at his house. Truscott gave Harper a lift and dropped her off at the highway.

As he was cycling back to the school he saw a car stop where Harper was standing. She got into the car and the car drove off. That was the last time Lynne Harper was seen alive. Her body was found two days later not too far from where Truscott dropped her off.

In after serving ten years in prison, Truscott was paroled. He took on an alias and maintained a private life for thirty plus years. Recently Truscott has made a public appeal in the hope that his case will be reopened.

In Aprilhe participated in TV program that re-examined the case. Many people feel he was railroaded inand the evidence which would have vindicated him was overlooked. Since the crime occurred over 40 years ago, it becomes difficult to sort through all of the facts.

Down the rabbit hole we go

Some of the evidence has been destroyed. Some of the people involved in the investigation are no longer living. However, there is one document we can review which is a very good source of information as to what happened on that June evening in Let's see what Truscott has to say about the death of Lynne Harper.

We were classmates but she was not among my friends. What she did outside school and inside it, too, for that matter had never interested me.

An analysis of the reason why we kill people who kill people

Twice he states that he was just giving her a "lift. They may have been friends just not close friends. He continually tells the police this "I kept trying to tell them" because it is probably true they were not best friends. However, we have to question the distance he is creating when we look at a statement he made towards the end of his book.

Page "The first knowledge I had that something unusual had happened to Lynne was the morning after our bicycle ride.

An analysis of the reason why we kill people who kill people

He could have stated, "The first knowledge I had that something unusual had happened to Lynne was the morning after I had given her a ride. Emotionally there was more going on than just giving her a lift to the highway.

That does not mean Truscott killed her. However, there is a reason why he referred to the bike ride as "our bicycle ride" and not "I gave her a ride. Supper was late and Mom asked me to go to the store for coffee.

I would have to hurry because it closed at six. When I returned, the meal was ready. Between seven and 7:Comment: This book is a solid readable copy. Minor cosmetic bruises and bumps keep it from being gift quality.

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