An analysis of what constitutes a redneck

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An analysis of what constitutes a redneck

Both are being used to refer to people who are rough or have characteristics that are less desirable and whose attitude and demeanor are unpleasant and repulsive to others. They can mean other things too which can be positive rather than negative. The term stems from the sunburned necks of white men who labor under the heat of the sun with the dust of the red earth clinging to their sweaty necks.

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In time it came to refer to people who go against the usual flow of things and events and is used by Southerners to identify them as different from others. It connotes independence and being pro-labor and anti-establishment. It can refer to a person with a conservative view but can be racist.

He lives off what he can get from the land and his surroundings which are the mountains and forests. A redneck can either live in a rural area or the city but chooses to live his life in an easy-go-lucky way.

He is a few paces up on the ladder over a hillbilly. A redneck is a person who belongs to the white rural labor class who lives in the Southern United States while a hillbilly is a person who lives in a remote mountain area.

Both terms have derogatory connotations referring to people who have no sophistication and who are undesirable characters, but a redneck is better than a hillbilly.

An analysis of what constitutes a redneck

A hillbilly usually lives in a world that is cut off from the modern world while a redneck can live in a remote area or the city, but his way and view of life is the same with bigotry and narrow mindedness. If you like this article or our site.

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