An introduction to the history of terrorism in todays society

He does this through explaining why the Arab Muslim world is the global capital of terrorism; how terrorism works; the evolution of terrorist strategies; and his thoughts on what the West should do.

An introduction to the history of terrorism in todays society

Stereotypes and Prejudice People often meet in image long before they meet in person. Prejudice is this prejudgment of people and groups on the basis of these images.

But just as long is the effort to overcome them. European settlers held destructive racial stereotypes of Native peoples and Africans brought as slaves, and, unfortunately, some of these stereotypes have persisted. Additionally, immigrants of various European backgrounds held negative images and demeaning racial, religious, and cultural stereotypes of one another as well—whether Anglo-Saxons, Irish, Italians, Poles, or Swedes.

In Augusta taxicab driver in Manhattan was stabbed in the face and throat when his passenger discovered he was a Muslim. On August 5,a man with known white supremacist ties opened fire at a gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin during Sunday morning worship, leaving seven people dead, himself included.

Many native peoples remain sensitive to this negative image: They have allowed our people to survive for five hundred years, no matter what was done to us.

In the nineteenth century, the growth of the American Catholic church, increasing its population with immigrants from Ireland, Italy, and Eastern Europe, set in motion a new wave of anti-Catholic sentiment.

Even during the Presidential campaign of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the image of the American Catholic as subservient to the authority of the Pope—and therefore potentially un-American—lingered in some minds. Anti-Catholicism was often linked to anti-Semitism.

The vast alien immigration is, at the root, an attack upon Protestant religion with its freedom of conscience, and is therefore a menace to American liberties. Yet heartening are the calls to protect the rights of religious minorities and to educate others.

In SeptemberRosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the feast Eid al-Fitr, concluding for Muslims the holy month of Ramadan, converged the day before the ninth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The focus of anti-black prejudice has clearly been race, not religion, for most blacks came to share the dominant religion, at least until the resurgence of African-American Islam in the s.

An introduction to the history of terrorism in todays society

The Black Muslim movement had its own negative image of whites. In the last decades of the 20th century, the use of strong anti-Semitic language by some leaders within the Nation of Islam fueled a bitter war of words between African-American and Jewish leaders, both sides enraged and hurt by the barbs of the other.

Yet itLaila Mohammed, daughter of the late Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, joined several other Muslim leaders who visited Nazi concentration camps in issuing a statement condemning attempts to deny the Holocaust and vowing to fight injustice. These kind of labels, I would say, dehumanize us.


However, the Muslim woman was not so sure about this analysis. She had indeed gotten involved in the community and in the school, and had worked to get Ramadan recognized as a school holiday for Muslim children.

Similarly, Navinderdeep Nijher, a surgeon, recounts his experience as a Sikh wearing a turban in New York City after the September 11th attacks.

Despite being a first responder to Ground Zero just hours after the planes hit the World Trade Center, Nijher recounts several instances of heckling as he and his roommate made their way home. Americans in the Aftermath, Sikhs and Muslims across the city and around the nation experienced an increased number of attacks, including several murders, in the days, weeks, and years after September 11th, Ignorance is certainly part of prejudice, as social psychologists affirm.

Lata Venkataraman, a Hindu of Boston, explains: Just seeing you, they already know who you are. Even though they never want to take the time to really know who you are. Both their lack of knowledge and their negativity are clear. Sitemap

One of the most remarkable movements of the past several decades has been the concerted effort to build bridges of understanding and cooperation across the chasms created by mutual prejudice and ignorance. Tools for Teaching Tolerance. Deen Mohammed embraced in a interfaith meeting in Chicago, they made clear that a new day starts with personal contact, the face-to-face recognition of mutual humanity and mutual concern.

On Long Island, where Muslims and Jews began meeting together in the early s in a concerted effort to build relationships, Dr.USA = global terrorism HQ: Mercenaries MPRI with close connections to the U.S.

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People often meet in image long before they meet in person. The newsman Walter Lippman spoke of stereotypes as the “pictures in our heads,” the sketchy and distorted images created by one group to describe, label, and caricature another.

It is the age of terrorism, and as it stands now, terrorism is the voice, both domest It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Introduction to “Don’t Panic” gives a clear line-up of main players of terrorist groups in the Middle East, which groups live where, prompting the printing out of group names to tack on a world map.

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