Donner company case solution

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Donner company case solution

For large machining centers, balancing the weight of spindle heads and work piece tables pays off.

Case: Donner Company EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Donner Company is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. They need to address several issues in their supply chain operations to improve their service level because net income in the month of September has drastically decreased. The company appears to be operating below capacity based on their need to rework their products often, find things for people to do, and meet deadlines that are . The first day on this case is used to analyze the production capacity of various stages in the process and to examine bottlenecks and key production flow decisions. The emphasis is on physical flows.

HAWE Hydraulics develops unique solutions that are both energy efficient and durable. These solutions reduce energy consumption while lowering the total costs of ownership for these types of machines. Hydraulic weight balancing is an automatic process.

Once the system is pressurized it no longer requires additional energy input. The pressure is set so the cylinder balances the weight and only the friction force and inertia mass must be overcome to move the spindle head along its axis.

This can all be accomplished while maintaining a compact footprint.

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The MPN power pack can be configured with a variety of valving combinations and is deliverable as a complete system to meet all your hydraulic weight balancing applications. Today, the partnership brings more than 60 years of German engineering and experience to North American mobile and industrial markets.

HAWE provides integrated services that include design, manufacture, set-up, a distributor network, and local inventory. The DPX Series, a complete range of Load Sensing Flow Sharing valves, answers the needs of the modern Construction Industry where high efficiency, high pressure conditions, and reduced energy consumption are required.

The High Flow option allows the DPX Series to provide the features of Load Sensing and Flow Sharing Technologies, control, energy savings, and longer system life, to an expanded range of possible applications.

FAX Comprehensive material and process expertise ContiTech Fluid Technology has developed ultra heavy-duty hot-end fuel lines specifically for modern high-performance engines. Elastomers and plastics are used here, combined with materials such as textiles, steel, and aluminum.

This ranges from a performance improvement for the air-conditioning unit and lower consumption through to reduced pressure losses and enhanced design. The result is load sensitive trailer braking that reduces the occurrence of trailer wheel lock-up or skidding.

Trailer load is sensed by the load apportioning valve and the output pressure from the valve modifies output trailer brake pressure in accordance with the current weight of the trailer load. As trailer-load is increased or decreased, the trailer brake pressure is changed proportionally.

Lighter loads induce lower trailer brake pressures whereas higher loads result in higher trailer brake pressures. Options for All Tobul Accumulator has developed several distinct families of standard piston-type products, based on physical dimensions, MAWP Maximum Allowable Working Pressureand fluid volumes; all to best suit customer needs.

Its inherent design features also eliminate catastrophic failures. Tobul Accumulator is a well-established, globally known, world-class manufacturer of hydraulic accumulators.

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Our designs have a proven track record of more than 50 years with the most comprehensive offering of piston-type accumulators in the industry, with working pressures up to 20, PSIG. Tobul also offers a competitive selection of bladder-type accumulators in most of the industry-standard capacities, with working pressures up to 7, PSIG.

Whether your choice is a standard model hydraulic accumulator, or a custom engineered special design, Tobul Accumulator is ready to meet your needs with high quality products providing outstanding performance for your applications.

The two new Series are identical, with the exception of the pressure diaphragm. They may be directly fitted to pipe work, so require none of the small bore pipe work needed to remotely utilize non-Division 1 certified transmitters.

They are available in a wide variety of factory-configured settings, or may be configured to the customers application needs. Exceptional long-term stability 0. The new Brennan compression-end instrumentation valves are available with single or double ferrule-style tube fittings and are tested for quality prior to leaving the factory.

These valves can have two- or three-way configurations and are rated to 3, psi. The stainless steel valves are rated to 6, psi and the brass valves are rated to 3, psi.

This revolutionary material is a part of—and has made possible—some of the most innovative engineering advancements in the last half-century. The project unfolds in stages.

A website with photos, videos and first-person contributions from a variety of people in the industry debuts in May.Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier Configure your Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier with AmpSet BlueTM Sun’s new Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier is the fluid power industry’s first.

Hooper-Holmes Canada Limited provides risk assessment services for the Canadian life and health insurance industry. With its roots going back to Hooper-Holmes Canada Limited is a privately owned, federally incorporated Canadian company providing information to assist in the underwriting process and deliver value to our customers.

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Donner company case solution

Post-election analyses of media coverage during the presidential. Case: Donner Company EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Donner Company is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. They need to address several issues in their supply chain operations to improve their service level because net income in the month of September has drastically decreased.

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