Evaluation of the viability of the sukuk

Where I have used the ideas and works of others, I have properly referenced these in the text and the full reference is given in the bibliography at the end of the Paper. Mohd Pisal Zainal, presently I have further examined this final submitted paper and am of the opinion that it meets the academic standards required of six credit hour project paper at Masters Degree level.

Evaluation of the viability of the sukuk

Commitments and Environmental Policies 3. Use of Proceeds b. Management of Proceeds d. PT SMI, an accredited entity of Green Climate Fund [14 December ], contributes to the sustainable development and climate resilience of communities in Indonesia by financing water, renewable energy generation, transport and agriculture-related infrastructure projects.

Other sectors financed by the company include oil and gas, and social infrastructure such as urban infrastructure, education facilities infrastructure, regional infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, hospital infrastructure and penitentiary infrastructure.

For more information, please visit: Commitments and Environmental Policies: Indonesia is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate-induced disasters. Its extensive tropical landscape and seascape with high biodiversity, high carbon stock values and energy and mineral resources are all contributing factors for the nation to be at the forefront of climate action and environmental protection.

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The Government of Indonesia is strongly committed to combating climate change and as such has made a number of commitments to step up its climate change adaptation and mitigation priorities.

For and beyond, Indonesia aims to reach archipelagic climate resilience from comprehensive adaptation and mitigation programsand disaster risk reduction strategies. It recognizes the need to measure emissions in the relevant sectors energy, transportation, land use, etc.

In line with its commitment to increase financing of renewable energy and energy efficiency PT SMI established a Sustainable Financing Division in early Since then, the company has financed two renewable energy projects. PT SMI is also committed to managing its business activities in an environmentally-and-socially-friendly manner.

This approach is in line with the triple bottom line concept people, planet, profit in which projects that are financed by PT SMI are expected to impart benefits on the affected communities and environment in addition to financial profit.

Evaluation of the viability of the sukuk

The Green Bonds will finance projects in the following sectors: Sustainable pollution management and prevention d. Sustainable natural resources and land use management e.

Arms and ammunition production or trading; 3.

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Alcoholic beverage excluding beer and wine production or trading; 4. Tobacco production or trading; 5. Gambling, casinos and similar companies; 6.

Radioactive material production or trading. Excluding production or trading for medical devices, quality control measurement instrument and other equipment in very small quantity and or properly protected; 7.

Unbonded asbestos fiber production or trading.Published: Wed, 28 Feb This proposal aims to evaluate the current status and the viability of the Islamic financial Securities such as Sukuk as an alternative of the conventional financial securities like Eurobond in the context of the current financial crisis.


Research on sukuk has gained momentum and popularity among policymakers, academics, and practitioners since the late s. The amount of research in the form of articles, books, conference papers, and other materials—such as reports, magazines, blogs, and newspaper articles – has increased substantially.

Evaluation Of The Viability Of The Sukuk Category: Finance This proposal aims to evaluate the current status and the viability of the Islamic financial Securities such as Sukuk as an alternative of the conventional financial securities like Eurobond in the context of the current financial crisis.

Project Evaluation and Selection PT SMI has a project selection and evaluation process in place for all projects it funds.

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According to this process projects are evaluated based on financial viability as well as environmental and social risks. If contracts such as sukuk are being endorsed by scholars of Islamic jurisprudence, then it is not clear why the Islamic financial system exists in the first place.

Many would argue that sukuk is. GOP Proposed Sukuk Structure Hybrid Sukuk (Musharaka-Istisna-Ijarah) Sitara Chemical Industries Limited PKR Million December SCIL Hybrid Sukuk At Inception SCIL plans to raise finance to set-up a 24MW Power Plant. 10 A group of Islamic Financial Institutions agree to finance the Project.


(PDF) Investment strategies with rebalancing: How could they serve Sukuk secondary market?