How to write a book description for kindle

Designate All 7 Keywords Among authors who self-publish using Amazon KDP, most know that they can choose up to two categories for their book. Categories are always a given—all my authors had chosen their categories—but search keywords are often ignored.

How to write a book description for kindle

It is sales copy to get them to see that the book is for them or notand then make the purchase.

There are so many examples of book descriptions leading to huge changes in sales. So we dove into the book description, figured out the flaws, and completely revamped it. Sales doubled — within an hour.

If you get it right, the purchase is almost automatic. If you get it wrong, very little else can really save you except a recommendation from the right source.

Remember, people are looking for a reason to not buy your bookso having a good book description is key to keeping them on the purchasing track.

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Hook The first sentence should be something that will grab your desired reader and make them take notice. People are always looking for a reason to move on to the next thing. Make the first sentence something that forces them to read the rest of the description. Every good book description you see is interesting from the first sentence.

Generally speaking this means focusing on the boldest claim in the book, or the most sensational fact, or the most compelling idea. Pain Once you have their attention, then clearly describe the current pain they are in. If you can accurately and realistically describe the pain of the reader, you will have them fully engaged in the description and seriously entertaining the idea of buying the book.

What unsolved problems do they have? Or, perhaps what unachieved aspirations and goals do they have? Clearly and directly articulate these, in plain and simple language. Pleasure Then tell them what the book does to help them solve for this pain.

Done right, this creates an emotional connection by describing how the book will make the potential reader feel after reading it. Or even better, what the reader will get out of reading the book. Will it make them happy or rich? Will it help them lose weight or have more friends? What do they get once they read this book?

You are selling a result to the reader, not a process even though your book is the process. Explain exactly what the book is about, in clear, obvious terms.

Legitimacy This is simply about letting the reader know why they should listen to you, why you are the authority and the expert that they need to hear from.

This can be very short and should not be a focus of the book description.Contact them for a free advance copy at least three weeks from the book release. Write a killer book description. Make sure that it contains the keywords you want to use to draw more people to your book. Use good formatting.

Use power words and action sentences. Show how the book will benefit readers, not just a list of its heartoftexashop.coms: Aug 06,  · How to Write an Effective Book Description.

Write the book description with your head, not your heart. Remember, the book description is marketing material - not literature.

Those are my five main points when it comes to writing a book description. Another good practice when writing your book description is to read as many book.

A well-written book description is important for enticing readers. Think of your description like the text on the back cover of a paperback or the inside flap of a hardcover book. This is often the first impression readers have of your story's content and your writing style.

Write As The Publisher, Not The Author: This will probably be obvious to you, but the book description should always be in a third person objective voice, and never your author voice. Recommended Resources for Writing Marketing Copy for Your Book. The Most Important Sales Tool for Your Kindle Books (and How to Perfect It)- Part One.

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by Karon Thackston. The point of your Kindle book description isn’t to reveal everything about your book.

how to write a book description for kindle

You can also write direct questions. Supported HTML for Book Description Here is a complete list of HTML tags and attributes supported in the book description field.

Remember to properly close your HTML tags to avoid formatting errors.