Ielts writing answer sheet task 1

His instructions were to deliver the package to Mr Jones. Before watching the video below, see what you know about writing a Task 2 essay.

Ielts writing answer sheet task 1

Section 1 Dirty River But Clean Water Floods can occur in rivers when the flow rate exceeds the capacity of the river channel, particularly at bends or meanders in the waterway. Floods often cause damage to homes and businesses if they are in the natural flood plains of rivers.

People have,therefore,always sought to control them. Forest fires are snuffed out quickly. The flow of rivers is regulated by weirs and dams.

At least, that is how it used to be. But foresters have learned that forests need fires to clear out the brash and even to get seeds to germinate. And a similar revelation is now — dawning on hydrologists. Rivers — and the ecosystems they support — need floods. That is why a man-made torrent has been surging down the Grand Canyon.

By Thursday March 6th it was running at full throttle, which was expected to be sustained for 60 hours. Spring Snow from as far away as Wyoming would melt and swell the Colorado river to a flow that averaged around 1, cubic metres 50, cubic feet a second.

Every eight years or so, that figure rose to almost 3, cubic metres. These floods infused the river with sediment, carved its beaches and built its sandbars. Even that has not been much use as those tributaries are not powerful enough to distribute the sediment in an ecologically valuable way.

The humpback chub,for example, thrived in the rust-redwaters of the Colorado. Recently, though, its population has crashed. At first sight, it looked as if the reason was that the chub were being eaten by trout introduced for sport fishing in the midth century. But trout and chub co-existed until the Glen Canyon dam was built, so something else is going on.

The chub were well adapted to the poor visibility created by the thick, red water which gave the river its name,and depended on it to hide from predators.

Without the cloudy water the chub became vulnerable. In the years since the Glen Canyon dam was built, several species have vanished altogether. These include the Colorado pike-minnow, the razorback sucker and the round-tail chub.

Meanwhile, aliens including fathead minnows, channel catfish and common carp, which would have been hard, put to survive in the savage waters of the undammed canyon, have move din. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. Floods were sent down the Grand Canyon in and and the results were mixed.

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In the flood was allowed to go on too long. To start with,all seemed well. The floodwaters built up sandbanks and infused the river with sediment.

ielts writing answer sheet task 1

Eventually, however, the continued flow washed most of the sediment out of the canyon. This problem was avoided inbut unfortunately, on that occasion, the volume of sand available behind the dam was too low to rebuild the sandbanks.

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This time, the USGS is convinced that things will be better. The amount of sediment available is three times greater than it was in So if a flood is going to do some good, this is the time to unleash one. At less than 1, cubic metres a second, this flood is smaller than even an average spring flood, let alone one of the mightier deluges of the past.

Those glorious inundations moved massive quantities of sediment through the Grand Canyon,wiping the slate dirty, and making a muddy mess of silt and muck that would make modern river rafters cringe. In the past, canyon was raged by flood every year.Jan 28,  · IELTS - Writing - For Band 7 or Above.

IELTS Writing General Task 1 - How to write at a band 9 level -Ryan Higgins note: Precise and clear in less time. Read both books (1 & 2) then try to write a essay on above cleared sample answer sheet pdf, post your essay pictures. steamer likes this.

ypaul Star Member Answer format Candidates write their answers on an answer sheet. Timing Approximately 30 minutes plus 10 minutes transfer time.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Single Line Graph – (% Detailed Lesson) IELTS Writing Task 1 samples Academic with answers Band 9; Products. to report writing generally and to each of the five types of report. TASK TWO is an essay based on a topic given on the question paper.

You should write at least words in 40 minutes. pour answer sheet i believe should be your answer sheet. 30 years after its establishment, Kormilda College is hoped to welcomed 27 students. In the IELTS writing task 1, you find question with only one chart Writing Tips Band 7 essay sample | .

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