Mobile technology education dissertations

David Falvo Abstract The substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition SAMR model is designed to help teachers integrate technology in the classroom. In a district with 1: In this project study, the SAMR model conceptually framed the exploration of teachers' integration of mobile learning and their perceptions about using technology in the classroom.

Mobile technology education dissertations

Ke Zhang Abstract The rapid development of technology has encouraged Saudi universities to establish initiatives to improve learning.

Mobile learning technology is one of the technologies targeted by eLearning and distance education deanships among Saudi universities. However, few studies have been done in investigating mobile learning technology acceptance in the Saudi context.

This study aims to provide policy and decision makers in the Saudi higher education with reliable data in order to employ mobile learning technology in learning process.

In addition, age, gender, and eLearning experience were proposed to moderate such an effect. This study employed sequential mixed method to procced the exploration. A questionnaire and semi-structured interview were developed to collect the data.

Multiple regression analyses were used in the quantitative analysis and thematic analysis was used in the qualitative analysis.

Mobile technology education dissertations

Unexpectedly, the social influence construct is the only construct that was moderated by gender where men show a stronger behavioral intention to use mobile learning than women.

The exploratory analysis revealed an interesting finding that distance education students showed significantly higher intentions to use mobile learning technology than on-campus students, but there was no significant difference between them in the actual use of mobile learning technology.

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Mobile technology education dissertations

The purpose of the second study was to explore the use of eCPAT mobile technology on youth empowerment and advocacy within a PAR framework and examined tool usability, effectiveness on youth empowerment and advocacy, interaction effects between tool format and regular technology use, and tool format Fifteen Interesting Dissertation Topics On Educational Technology For centuries, education meant lessons given by teachers and pens working on pages.

Thanks to technological advancement, education has been given a gilt-edge; mores have been computerized or at least laden with dissertation-topics-on-educational-technology. Obesity is a widespread topic across the country as healthcare costs continue to rise.

The field of health communication encompasses many efforts made by scholars and those working in health education and promotion to help individuals live healthier lives.

As technology continues to evolve, e-health and mobile health programs are being explored as creative avenues for this  · Tetzlaff, Dominique Marie, "Using Mobile Technology to Increase the Math Achievement and Engagement of Students with Disabilities" ().

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