Overpopulation in india advantages and disadvantages

That reason some place are drought and flood.

Overpopulation in india advantages and disadvantages

Overpopulation in india advantages and disadvantages

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Advantages of high human population density: Many workers to grow the economy, to generate personal wealth, to pay taxes to fund infrastructure and to provide soldiers to defend the country's interests etc mainly economic reasons Disadvantages of high human population density: Rapid use of natural resources, more exploitation of other living forms and none living systems like rivers.

Faster destruction of natural systems, deforestation, habitat destruction, pollution, extinctions etc. It is mainly for environmental reasons. This is seen as such a massive problem as we rely on the natural environment to live.

The advantages and disadvantages of high none human populations are very different, for example a plague of greenfly would bring a rapid growth of greenfly predators. The natural environment balances itself. Mankind has found ways to by-pass these balances on the whole, for example through vaccination, through medical treatment, through the use of machinery, chemicals and exploiting other living things and systems.

Note I say by-pass, we have not overcome the problems we have just put off paying the cost to the future, symptoms or our our high population density and actions are already starting to show.Overpopulation in India: Advantages and Disadvantages Essay Advantages of Overpopulation i)Efficient utilization of resources A major portion of our country's resources are lying idle or are heartoftexashop.com need more manpower to utilize them effectively so that there is no wastage.

Incorporation of a Company – Advantages & Disadvantages A company, in simple terms, means a group of persons associated together for the attainment of a common end, social or economic. Three leadership styles advantages and disadvantages Image From Google Coaching leaders are very effective in places where performance or results need improvement.

The major disadvantages of industrialization was the change in farming methods, culture of the farm town, and potential industrial collapse when the community has a single industry. Thanks to.

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Jul 22,  · advantages of population Thursday, July 22, DISADVANTAGES OF POPULATION Population growth causes various kinds of problems. Higher the population higher will be the demands of foods and shelters.

Moreover, the rapid growth of population influence in the global environmental sectors. It is effecting the wild life also. Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Death Penalty India, Indonesia, and the United States. The Advantages of the Death Penalty. It shows that the justice system has no sympathy for the criminals.

Economic growth and development have their advantages and also disadvantages. Although economic growth widens the range of human choices, but this may not necessarily bring happiness toward people. Happiness is dependent on the relationship between wants and resources. Advantages and Disadvantages of Rainwater Harvesting: Rainwater harvesting is a process or technique of collecting, filtering, storing and using rainwater for irrigation and for various other purposes. Essay on easter overpopulation in kannada. topics of essay homeless essay for my best teacher visit essay about different experience in college about education in india essay bihar Paper outline format example essay smoking addiction narrative swot analysis in an essay zalora famous advantages and disadvantages essay plastics essay.

The death penalty can address the problem of overpopulation in the prisons.

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