Red shield appeal situation analysis

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Red shield appeal situation analysis

CNN On February 27th, Russian naval infantry forces seized control of the Crimean capitalinstalling through a vote at gunpoint, a radical pro-Russian politician. Days prior, protests in Crimea erupted demanding secession, primarily in Simferopol and Sevastopol — in Sevastopol, a Russian citizen was named de facto mayor of the city.

On the night of February 28th Russian forces then took the airports in both citiesand continued to spread out, establishing control of border posts, military installations, telecommunications buildings, and the media. Airspace is now restricted. Some figures place the Russian presence as high as 28, troops.

Mass demonstrations have taken place across the south and east of the country protesting the Russian invasion, while smaller groups of Russian nationalists have violently stormed government buildings in Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Odessa.

The Ukrainian armed forces remain at high alert and have announced a mobilization of its reservists, and many have volunteered to take up arms. Russia has begun wanton aggression against Ukraine under the guise of training exercises.

There is an unconfirmed report from Seabreeze. Aksenov later issued a decree calling for March 30th elections on whether to join Russia, declare independence, or retain its current status.

When asked if Russia was concerned U. Russian infantry surround a Ukrainian military unit Russian forces, working with Berkut and auxiliary supporters have blockaded the border crossing between mainland Ukraine in Kherson, and the Crimean peninsula.

In Sevastopol, Russian troops confirmed by Russian license plates surrounded a Ukrainian military unit. In cyber warfare, the Russian language social network VK began blocking pro-democratic Ukrainian pages. In one notable instance, the VK page for Ukrainian militant group Right Sector was hackedand a statement was posted pleading to Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov to aid Ukraine — a controversial statement to discredit the Ukrainians as supporting terrorists.

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By late night, the Interpreterciting an anonymous source, wrote that outside of Feodosia in the town of Sudak, in eastern Crimea, the situation is tense as another military base has been seized by Russian forces. Crimeans realize that they have wound up as hostages of the situation.

The civilian population is not being touched, the Russian soldiers are concentrating on the airfields or the army bases. A brief battle allegedly took place at the House of Trade Unions between them and Russian soldiers. Police have not yet commented on the situation.

No civilians were injured. Russian expansion Ukrainian troops defy Russian siege of their military base The U. Standoffs with Russian forces took place, including with Interior Troops and marines who refused to stand down.

Berezovsky had before his dismissal and official defection, ordered all Ukrainian troops to lay down arms and accept the Russian invasion, which was rejected by Ukrainian officers who informed the Ministry of Defense of his treason.

Following the defection, Aksenov declared the creation of a new Crimean Navy, headed by Berezovsky, and the future creation of a Ministry of Defense. Those who opposed the Ukrainian military convoy waved Communist symbols In Mykolayiv, video evidence shows presumably Russian nationalists waving Soviet flags and wearing St.

George ribbons attempting to establish a roadblock near the southern Ukrainian city and prevent a Ukrainian military convoy from passing.

The convoy included a column of tanks preparing to mobilize. Videos indicate that local police were able to disperse the small crowd.

The Kyiv Post reported that at Russian controlled military checkpoints, soldiers confiscated filming equipment, bulletproof vests and helmets carried by journalists. By Sunday, no media were allowed to not only enter Crimea, but escape it — an exception only permitted for Russian press. Crimean Tatars have threatened an insurgency against a repeat of Russian rule.

Tatar leaders have stated that the Crimean Tatar population will not take part in or recognize any separatist referendum.

Red shield appeal situation analysis

Mass demonstrations against Russia were held across Ukraine, notably in its eastern regions. In contrast, the regional council of the far-eastern city of Luhansk announced it would not recognize the new central government and call for federalization, while Odessa officials also informed it would discuss the possibility of receiving greater autonomy.View Connor Whitehouse’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

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