Religious harmony essay

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Religious harmony essay

I believe that peace can be maintained in a country only when the government treats everyone equally and respectfully. Only then will the people of the nation explicit brotherhood towards all.

We should invest thoughts and benefits of peace and harmony in the hearts of children who are going to lead the entire world towards the righteous path tomorrow. Nevertheless no one has ever given a deep thought towards the actual need for peace and harmony. There are so many necessities for peace and harmony in a country not just for preventing the occurrence of wars.

I would not say that it is not a major reason as it is one of the main reasons although there are many minor reasons that have evolved into this major reason. WAR The reason why wars evolve is due to lack of love towards fellow people and lack of respect towards all the religions in the world.

People these days get easily manipulated into wrong acts such as terrorism due to the lack of peace and harmony feeling in their hearts. Peace and harmony is always needed in a country for developing beautiful relations such as brotherhood, sisterhood towards all.

We have to love and care about everyone equally even if they are not blood relations. A simple logical reason is there for the necessity to peace and harmony in the country. The one thing that would help in that is when all the citizens show peace in their everyday lives and harmony towards everyone.

Only then will a country lead the path to success as peace and harmony in a country is the ultimate key to victory. Learn the true meaning of friendship by respecting the values followed in a country and help them in times of need.

Even if we know or do not know a person, giving them a big hearty smile is more than enough to grow a lovely relationship towards everyone and also to make their day peaceful and great.

Peace is a puzzle waiting to be solved; Harmony is the precious key to unravel the puzzle. Anjana Sathiyaseelan I am an engineering student who loves writing. I am a very bubbly writer. I feel that writing is the best way to voice out all your thoughts and ideas in order to voice out all the injustice that occurs in this beautiful Mother Earth.

Simply said as "Writing is the painting of the voice".Jakarta. Afi Nihaya Faradisa, a young high school student from Banyuwangi, East Java, wrote an essay on Sunday (14/05), which received over 31, Facebook "likes" and has been shared by more than 15, users, addressing issues of diversity and religious harmony in Indonesia.

Communal Harmony, Meaning, Value, Examples, Essay for Kids. by Sandeep Communal Harmony is the great nature of India and India is that community, where a various type of religions and belief are living in the country. Obstruction of religious. There was, however, not a single instance some years back where obstruction in religious.

Mar 13,  · The spirit of unity in diversity, the prime key to social harmony in Nepal, considerably contributes to social enhancement.

Nepal is the land of multilingual, multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious societies. The people belonging to distinct languages, races, cultures and religious inhabit in the same societies united and prabin.

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Religious harmony essay

Essay about Islamic Empires; Essay about Islamic Empires. Words Sep 14th The Ottoman were inter-communal meaning they desired to have harmony between religious groups. This great empire is known as having one of the longest reigns, not breaking for 36 generations, was ruled by Suleyman the Magnificent.

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