The hoover dam essay

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The hoover dam essay

Hoover dam -an Introduction 1 2. Requirements posed by structural design 2 3. Requirements posed by other details 6 4. Type of Concrete 7 5. Guidelines for Mix design 9 6.

The hoover dam essay

Fabrication and Installation 10 7. Cooling of concrete 12 9. Temperature control of Mass Concrete 12 Quality Assurance 13 Bibliography 14 Hoover Dam- an Introduction!

It still stands tall as an engineering marvel high above the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. Hoover Dam attracts over 7 million visitors from around the new world every year feeding vast tourism into the Las Vegas Nevada and Arizona economy. The building of Hoover Dam took the brilliance of over engineers to pull-off what many deemed as almost impossible.

And it was the fortitude of over 7, dam workers that endured amazingly harsh conditions and extreme dangers to complete Hoover Dam almost two years ahead of schedule The Mission of the Dam: Flooding along the Colorado River as it made its way to the Gulf of California had to be controlled.

The water-flow had to be harnessed to provide much needed water to the fertile, yet arid agricultural areas of California and Arizona. Hydroelectric energy was to satisfy the requirements of millions and millions of people in adjacent regions.

Some Statistics About the dimensions of the dam: Hoover Dam is feet tall and 1, feet long.

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At its base, Hoover Dam is feet thick which is 60 feet longer than two football fields laid end-to-end. Combined with its top thickness of 45 feet, there is enough concrete 4. Or imagine a four-foot wide sidewalk around Earth at its equator.Hoover Dam Essay Paper. A research paper talking about the Hoover Dam, its initial intentions, unforeseen consequences and obstacles, and how well we were able to manage these obstacles in terms of achieving our initial goals.

Use the order calculator below and get started! Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry. The Hoover Dam and Its Construction Essay Words | 17 Pages Counting only dams taller than fifty feet high, the U.S.

Building the Hoover Dam

has some 5, dams that range from giant hydroelectric dams such as the Grand Coulee in Washington State to flood control dams in the southeast and dams that provide water for irrigation in California.

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Essay 2: Hoover Dam The Hoover Dam, once known as the Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and Nevada. It was constructed between and during the Great Depression and it was dedicated on September 30, , by President Franklin D.

Roosevelt. Hoover Dam Historical Collection - A collection of museum items, historic photographs, and news clippings related to Hoover Dam.

Photograph Gallery - Historic and modern photographs of the dam. Hoover Dam 75th Anniversary - Photographs, a video, and media coverage of the September 30, event at the dam.

Before the existence of Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Hoover Dam, the area encompassing the one and a half million acres of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area was occupied by early desert Indian cultures, adventurous explorers, ambitious pioneers looking for cheap land and religious freedom, and.

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