Theory of graviton fields essay

Theory[ edit ] Apart from gravity, the three other known forces of nature are thought to be mediated by elementary particles: All three of these forces appear to be accurately described by the standard model of particle physics.

Theory of graviton fields essay

Gravity shields[ edit ] A monument at Babson College dedicated to Roger Babson for research into anti-gravity and partial gravity insulators Main article: Gravitational shielding In businessman Roger Babson founder of Babson College formed the Gravity Research Foundation to study ways to reduce the effects of gravity.

Over time the Foundation turned its attention away from trying to control gravity, to simply better understanding it. The Foundation nearly disappeared after Babson's death in Smootwho later won the Nobel Prize in physics. General relativity research in the s[ edit ] Main article: United States gravity control propulsion research General relativity was introduced in the s, but development of the theory was greatly slowed by a lack of suitable mathematical tools.

It is claimed the US Air Force also ran a study effort throughout the s and into the s. However, there is little outside confirmation of these stories, and since they take place in the midst of the policy by press release era, it is not clear how much weight these stories should be given.

Quantum Theory of Gravitation (1963)

It is known that there were serious efforts underway at the Glenn L. Military support for anti-gravity projects was terminated by the Mansfield Amendment ofwhich restricted Department of Defense spending to only the areas of scientific research with explicit military applications.

The Mansfield Amendment was passed specifically to end long-running projects that had little to show for their efforts. Under general relativity, gravity is the result of following spatial geometry change in the normal shape of space caused by local mass-energy.

This theory holds that it is the altered shape of space, deformed by massive objects, that causes gravity, which is actually a property of deformed space rather than being a true force.

Although the equations cannot normally produce a "negative geometry", it is possible to do so by using " negative mass ". The same equations do not, of themselves, rule out the existence of negative mass.

Both general relativity and Newtonian gravity appear to predict that negative mass would produce a repulsive gravitational field. In particular, Sir Hermann Bondi proposed in that negative gravitational mass, combined with negative inertial mass, would comply with the strong equivalence principle of general relativity theory and the Newtonian laws of conservation of linear momentum and energy.

Bondi's proof yielded singularity free solutions for the relativity equations.

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Normal mass, on the other hand, will fall away from the negative matter. He noted that two identical masses, one positive and one negative, placed near each other will therefore self-accelerate in the direction of the line between them, with the negative mass chasing after the positive mass.

Forward pointed out that the self-acceleration effect is due to the negative inertial mass, and could be seen induced without the gravitational forces between the particles. Although cosmological dark matter may consist of particles outside the Standard Model whose nature is unknown, their mass is ostensibly known — since they were postulated from their gravitational effects on surrounding objects, which implies their mass is positive.

The proposed cosmological dark energyon the other hand, is more complicated, since according to general relativity the effects of both its energy density and its negative pressure contribute to its gravitational effect. Fifth force[ edit ] Under general relativity any form of energy couples with spacetime to create the geometries that cause gravity.

A longstanding question was whether or not these same equations applied to antimatter. The issue was considered solved in with the development of CPT symmetrywhich demonstrated that antimatter follows the same laws of physics as "normal" matter, and therefore has positive energy content and also causes and reacts to gravity like normal matter see gravitational interaction of antimatter.

For much of the last quarter of the 20th century, the physics community was involved in attempts to produce a unified field theorya single physical theory that explains the four fundamental forces: Scientists have made progress in unifying the three quantum forcesbut gravity has remained "the problem" in every attempt.

This has not stopped any number of such attempts from being made, however. Generally these attempts tried to "quantize gravity" by positing a particle, the gravitonthat carried gravity in the same way that photons light carry electromagnetism. Simple attempts along this direction all failed, however, leading to more complex examples that attempted to account for these problems.

Two of these, supersymmetry and the relativity related supergravityboth required the existence of an extremely weak "fifth force" carried by a graviphotonwhich coupled together several "loose ends" in quantum field theory, in an organized manner. As a side effect, both theories also all but required that antimatter be affected by this fifth force in a way similar to anti-gravity, dictating repulsion away from mass.

Several experiments were carried out in the s to measure this effect, but none yielded positive results.graviton-the theories of electromagnetism and gravitation.

Indeed, the special values of mass and spin (helicity) possessed by these two particles, combined. In theories of quantum gravity, the graviton is the hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of is no complete quantum field theory of gravitons due to an outstanding mathematical problem with renormalization in general string theory, believed to be a consistent theory of quantum gravity, the graviton is a massless state of a fundamental string.

A new definition of graviton 3/11 The electromagnetic field generated by a photon is much stronger than the associated gravitational field.

In during photon falls in the gravitational field, its energy (mass) increases. According to W= mc∆ 2, the force of gravity performs work on the photon, so the mass (energy) of the photon increases. Theory of Graviton Fields Essay The Source, Nature, and Generation of the Graviton Field Summary The paper examines the possibility that atomic structures exists as complete self sustaining entities in identical form throughout the Universe, without any form of external input.

The Source, Nature, and Generation of the Graviton Field Summary The paper examines the possibility that atomic structures exists as complete self sustaining entities in identical form throughout the Universe, without any form of external input.

Theory of graviton fields essay

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