Ucas business management personal statements

Then there is a big chance you will be asked to write a personal essay. You, on the other hand, can decide which approach to take in answering it — will it be more personally or more professionally-oriented? How do you write a good personal statement? As it is always with high-level papers, there is sadly no tried recipe.

Ucas business management personal statements

Business Management and Marketing - BA (Hons) - London Metropolitan University Personal statement Personal statement The quality of an applicant's personal statement is very important at LSE.
Degree Level Essays Share via Email Think you could be the next Richard Branson? Show your business skills in your personal statement for university.
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Business Management Personal Statement Although there are many reasons why people choose to attend university, such as academic curiosity and a desire to expand the mind through meeting people from new cultures, I have a single, very clear motivation in applying for a place at university: I live and breathe the world of business, keeping updated on business developments every day, and am very motivated to learn as much about it as possible so that I myself can one day be a business leader.

The United Kingdom has an excellent business culture, and its universities have some of the most noted business departments in the world, and as a result I believe that studying business management here in the United Kingdom will provide me with optimal preparation for my career objectives.

I have always loved studying subjects such as business, management and economics, and I am very excited about the possibility of devoting my time to learning more about these areas through completing a degree course.

Ucas business management personal statements

To me, these subjects are more than just theories: At the moment I am completing a foundation certificate, studying business, economics and mathematics. I have participated very enthusiastically in my lectures and classes, and the experience of studying here in the United Kingdom has made me very enthusiastic about moving on to degreelevel study for a course related to these subject areas.

The courses in business and economics have been especially interesting because they have filled in gaps in my knowledge about the ways in which businesses in the United Kingdom operate, and it has been fascinating to learn how business practices and regulations vary in comparison with those of my home country of China.

Meanwhile, studying mathematics has also been very useful as numerical skills are always essential in the business world. I have also enjoyed learning good academic practices through the certificate, and I hope to make excellent use of these in the next few years as I continue on to full university study.

I love entrepreneurship, and this passion has led me to set up my own business in China. I own and operate two electronics goods stores, which I founded two years ago. The experience of running my own businesses has taught me very much about the subjects of business and management, and equipped me with invaluable skills that can only be acquired through real work experience.

As owner of these enterprises, I am responsible for all aspects of the business, from marketing and personnel management to sourcing goods and handling export regulations. I have devoted a substantial level of my efforts to my businesses, and it has been rewarding to see the effort pay off in the form of profit.

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The experience has also made me realise just how complex and multi-layered the business world is. Far from simply needing to be decision-makers and delegators, business managers need to have knowledge and skills related to a very wide range of areas.

I have ambitious future plans for my business, and I hope that I will be able to fulfil these by studying for a degree in business management. Although I believe that it is possible for an individual to be a very successful business man or woman through learning on the job, it also seems clear to me that learning advanced expertise through university studies is an excellent method of gaining a head-start in business life.

I consequently believe that studying for a degree in business management will allow me to expand my business portfolio by giving me new insights into effective management techniques and a detailed knowledge of marketing, business analysis and company finance.

Ucas business management personal statements

Armed with this knowledge I intend to lead a successful business career in China that is centred on my electronics stores.Take a look at this Business Management Personal Statement if you are hoping to apply to Business management at university. UCAS Personal Statements.

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Writing personal statement professionally is your only opportunity to stand out among other applicants, not your grades and achievements. So define the context and get the ball rolling! A General Procedure of Completing Personal Statements.

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Writing a business or management personal statement? We asked admissions tutors to give us their top tips. In Ucas Clearing ? Don't miss our Clearing guide for help and advice. By Alan Bullock (Careers Adviser) | 05 July Personal statements: top ways to sell yourself.

Personal statements How to write a personal statement for business studies have a strong emphasis on the global nature of business and management. Kinnie says he wants to see applicants not. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS / ˈ j uː k ɑː s /) is a UK-based organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British heartoftexashop.com operates as an independent charity, funded by fees charged to applicants and to universities, plus advertising income, and was formed in through the merger of the former university admissions system UCCA. The quality of an applicant's personal statement is very important at LSE. The School does not interview for places so this is an applicant’s only opportunity to demonstrate they are a good fit for the course. Applicants should consult the advice here, as well as advice from UCAS when preparing to.

Your personal statement is no place to be humble. Learn how. We hope our collection of UCAS Business personal statements provides inspiration for writing your own. Please do not plagiarise them in . Applying to university courses through Clearing can seem like a whirlwind of information and snap decisions – especially when you weren’t expecting to be going through the process.

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