Wright vs loos

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Wright vs loos

Fink and Robert S. Fink for Plaintiff and Appellant. Share for Defendants and Real Parties in Interest.


The trial court entered judgment in favor of the City, and we affirm. On June 12,Building Permit No. On August 13,Building Permit No. On October 23,Building Permit No. But the fees were still calculated by the program in error. To remove plumbing and heating work reference from main permit.

No fee permit, department error. Under Master Permit On December 21,Building Permit No. In short, while the accessory building was originally classified as R-3 occupancy, Building Permit No.


The Sign-Off erroneously described the construction as "a non-habitable garage. The structure is two and a half inches from the rear property line shared with Wright, and four inches from the side property line.

Wright was unhappy with the construction almost from the beginning. She and other neighbors considered the building an eyesore. Wright lodged numerous complaints with various City agencies.

The agenda of the BBSC for the public hearing on May 20, describes the issue on appeal as follows: The representative of the LADBS presented its case first and explained why it had not erred or abused its discretion.

Wright vs loos

Wright then presented her case, stating that "the plan checker had violated the Code by not verifying that Planning had issued a permit," the building was being used as a music room, it set a dangerous precedent and the permits were illegal.

Following her presentation, the president of the BBSC asked Wright "to state exactly how or where the Department had made an error or abused its discretion. Its president commented that the building "is a nice structure," and the vice-president stated that the LADBS "followed all the rules and the permit was issued correctly.

The issue on appeal was whether the LADBS erred "in issuing a building permit for the construction, use and maintenance of a square-foot, footinch high, accessory storage building observing 2. A public hearing was held on March 18,at which Wright and others testified.

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During the hearing, two commissioners stated that they thought allowing the structure was "terrible," but they could not find anything in the applicable codes that would let them conclude that the permit had been issued in error.

On April 22,Wright filed a petition for writ of mandate in the trial court. She filed a first amended petition on May 5,seeking a writ of mandamus directing the City to revoke all permits and the Certificate of Occupancy, and an order for demolition.

A hearing on the petition was held on December 18, Following oral argument, the trial court entered judgment in favor of the City and denied the writ petition. The BBSC was not required to hold an evidentiary hearing in connection with its decision.

When an appellant seeks review by ordinary mandate, the inquiry is limited to whether the decision was "arbitrary, capricious or entirely lacking in evidentiary support. Regents of University of California 35 Cal. Governing Board 1 Cal.

On a petition for writ of mandate brought pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure sectionthe appellant bears the burden of pleading and proving the facts on which the claim for relief is based. Board of Dental Examiners 17 Cal.

Governing Board, supra, 1 Cal.

City of Del Mar 69 Cal. Under the substantial evidence test, the trial court and the appellate court have the same scope of review. We are required to "uphold the administrative decision.

Board of Directors Cal. The appellant has the burden to show that there is "no substantial evidence whatsoever" to support the findings. City of Berkeley 24 Cal. Finally, the parties agree that statutory interpretation is subject to de novo review.

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Adolf Loos: Adolf Loos, Austrian architect whose planning of private residences strongly influenced European Modernist architects after World War I. Frank Lloyd Wright credited Loos with doing for European architecture what Wright was doing in the United States.

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